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Addu City: Step into the Second Largest City Of Maldives!

Sweeping landscapes, lined up coconut trees and a clear blue sky over head, together Addu City is a perfect holiday destination if you want to get your lively spirit back. Made up of the inhabited islets of the southernmost reef, this archipelago is the second largest city of Maldives after Male. Among all the five districts of Addu City, Hithaadhoo is where the administration is centred. If you look at the city from the sky, you can notice that the city resembles the shape of a heart. All the districts are interconnected through waterways and almost 18,000 people are spread across all the islands.

The brief history of this city:

Addu City found its importance in 1941 when the British invaders established their secret naval base here. Later, British also made a Royal Air-force base in the Addu City. In 1976, when they left the place, it was merely a ruin of few tall buildings and an airport. Coming into contact with the British rulers, people of Addu City learnt English and many of them flew to Male to find jobs. The tourism in Addu started long before the British went off and till now it is thriving.

Places to visit:

Addu City has several attractive places where you can sneak into, be it for the satisfaction of your nature-loving mind or your fondness for photography. The panoramic view of the landscapes make it a perfect place to click many pictures to add to your travel album.


Don't miss out the historical essence of this place located at the north-eastern edge of the atoll. This place is well-known for the tombs of some famous people. It is the oldest cemetery that is still buries the memories of Maldives. It is an instance of the art and cultural sense of the old Meedhoo people.

The Mosque of the Judge:

Within the premise of the Koagannu Burial Ground, the Mosque of the Judge is another historical place that recalls the rules of the Sultanate in Addu City. After the chief Justice of Maldives, Mohammed Shamsuddin was exiled to Meedhoo Island from Male, he structured this Mosque and later it was undertaken by his sons.

Meedhoo Island:

Probably the oldest Island of Addu, Meedhoo dates 3000 years back. In 12th century it was occupied by the Muslims but before that there were Aryan settlers who named the district. Later, during the Muslim predominance, this Island went through a transformation. You can check out the old mosques, ancient Islamic structures and enjoy the natural beauty of this island.

Transport Facilities:

Usually, the Islands are connected with causeways. The Addu Link Road joins all the four islands namely Gan, Hithadhoo, Maradhoo and Feydhoo. The Addu Link Road is known to be the second longest road in the Maldives. Apart from that, the Gan International Airport is the main entrance for the foreign tourists. If you take a domestic flight from male to Addu Atoll, you can enjoy the fantastic views of the island, beaches and greeneries. It takes only an hour to reach Addu City from Male if you take the aerial route.

So, if you are planning a trip to Male of late, then do not forget to land on Addu City to check out the wonderful scenic beauty and the tourist spots.