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Fuvahmulah - A Mind-blowing Journey into the Divine Island!

Blessed with a number of stunning beaches and a bunch of congenial folks, Fuvahmulah, one of the largest cities of Maldives welcomes the travellers with open arms. A place with more than 11,000 people cast across the island do not make it too overcrowded. Rather you will enjoy the serenity of the nature in its surroundings. The place has derived its name from the Areca or the betel nut which is produced in voluminous amount in the fields of Fuvahmulah. This island falls under the jurisdiction of Nyaviani Atoll. The language in which the natives speak is known as Mulaku Bas.

The Interesting Flora And Fauna:

The diverse landscape of Fuvahmulah has given way to its amazing flora and fauna. Bestowed with woodlands, forests, sandy beaches as well as green meadows, this island is considered as the most beautiful in the Maldives. No other island has the diversity of Fuvahmulah in the entire country. You can also find fresh water lakes in the vicinity of Fuvahmulah which contain various rare species of fish that are not available anywhere else. See the colourful Common Moorhen that is not so "common" in the other places of the world and visibly confined only to the island of Fuvahmulah. Syzygium cumini, the dense forest in Jambul is also a place to be explored by the travellers. The untouched natural beauty of this lush and wet island will just sweep you off your feet. If you want to taste the most delicious mangoes, don't forget to visit Fuvahmulah as it produces a huge amount of this fruit.

Places To Visit:

Fuvahmulah is divided into nine municipal divisions such as Dhadimago, Diguvāndo, Hōdhado, Dhashokubaa, Mādhado, Mālegan, Dūndigan, Miskimmago and Funādo. Each division has some inetersting places to visit which will give you a fantastic travel experience. Check out where to go in Fuvahmulah.

1) Thoondu:

Thoondu is famous for its pure white sandy beaches that made it shiny and attractive. The sand is made of the white round pebbles and are very smooth in texture. This beach is the prime attraction of the travellers, especially in the Maahibun festival.

2) The havitta:

The Havitta is the ancient Buddhist Stupa destroyed into mere ruins but the old-world-charm of this place will just give you the right vibes about the age of this place.

3) The Wathaniya Communications Antenna:

The 400 feet tall communication antenna in Wathaniya is the tallest structure of Fuvahmulah.

4) Bandaara Kilhi:

There are two major fresh water lakes in Fuvahmulah among which Bandaara Kilhi is one. Located within the Maalegan district, this place is a must-visit for the tourists.

Some Interesting Facts About Fuvahmulah:

The Black Pebbles:

In the south-east coast of this island, you can find black pebbles which is quite opposite from the white sandy beaches. This eccentric character has added some extra points to this marvellous island.

The "flying fish" Phenomenon:

Enjoy the stunning view of the "flying fish" on the north-western coast of Fuvahmulah and the hunting of the frigate birds. It only happens in this Maldivian Island which you cannot see anywhere else.