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Take A Rejuvenating Trip To Malé - Here Is What You Need To Know!

A small introduction:

Though small in size, the capital city of Maldives has enough joie de vivre to attract the travel addicts to enjoy its lovely surroundings. Located at the southern boundary of North Malé Atoll which is also known as Kaafu Atoll, this island was a place for the royal dynasties. Surrounded by forts and huge gates, this city has the perfect old world charm that can captivate any traveller to his utter surprise. Due to the existence of the royal palace, this city was formerly known as "Mahal". Whether it is the natural beauty of the turquoise beaches bordered with white sand or the attractive tall buildings with colourful walls, altogether Malé is a blend of quirkiness and oomph.

History of The Name:

In the ancient periods, Malé was inhabited by the Dravidian race and this is why there is an influence of their culture and traditions on Malé. There is a small story behind the name of Malé. It is said that the fishermen of Giravaaru used to visit this place for catching tuna fish and the cleaning of their offal made the water of finolhu completely red with blood. If the word Malé is broken, it means Maha implying big in Sanskrit and Le meaning blood.

Climate of the island:

The climate of Malé can be divided into two distinct seasons, namely wet and dry like all other tropical countries. From May till December, Malé experiences a long monsoon and the other four months remain dry with little precipitation. The temperature hovers around 30 degrees to 26.5 degree Celsius and average rainfall goes up to 1600 mm every year.

Places to visit:

Malé, being the capital city of Maldives have a number of tourist attractions. Those who want to enjoy a trip to Malé must visit these following places to ensure a happening trip.

The Old Friday Mosque:

The wonderful Friday Mosque dating back to the 16th century is a prime hotspot that tourists find really interesting. The structure built with coral stone has Arabic scripts engraved on it. This Old Friday Mosque recollects the Islamic past of the country and the fascinating woodcarvings will spellbind anyone with an art-loving mind. Foreign travellers are usually not allowed to step into this mosque without permission from the Islamic authorities.

National Museum Of Malé:

Though most of its collection have been half destroyed, this place is worth a visit when one is travelling around Maldives. The exhibits of ancient weaponry, religious stuffs and many artefacts with subtle Arabic engravings can be viewed at the ground floor of this museum. The travellers can also enjoy some antique pieces on the other floor along with the exciting relics of the underwater cabinet meeting of 2009 presided by president Nasheed.

Hulhumale Island:

No, Hulhumale is not a natural Island like Malé itself, it is artificial with many new buildings being structured. Those who love a little seclusion might find this place quite interesting. There is pleasant beach on the other corner of the island along with several nice cafes and eateries.

Fun Activities in Malé:

Malé offers its travellers two interesting activities - one is the mesmerizing Whale Submarine and the other is the Cruise. Whale Submarine is just the right thing for those who love the mysteries of underwater. Cruising can be very relaxing and one can enjoy the views of local islands, snorkelling, fishing and various other exciting activities.