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As the Maldives consist of more water covered area than dry land a natural connection exists between the Maldivians and their ocean. Swimming for recreation, water polo and most of all surfing are favourite past times of the Maldivians. Their enthusiasm for water sports is also the force behind the broad range of possible activities. Each resort features an own water sports centre to accommodate every bodies needs for hobbies in the wet.

  • Snorkeling
    All of the resorts will be able to fit you with snorkelling equipment to explore the waters around the beaches and reefs. Remember to wear sun protection if you choose to glance at fishes during the midday and inform yourself about local currents before venturing into the blue.
  • Windsurfing / Hobie-cat's
    If you fancy the wind-propelled kind of water sports you will be able to rent windsurfing boards or small catamaran sailing boats with your resorts sport centre. They will also offer you beginner classes should you want to deepen an interest.
  • Parasail
    For all who always wanted to float above the Maldives like a bird the Parasail trip will be most rewarding. Enjoy the stunning scenery and one of the most beautiful landscapes from a birds-eye view gliding through the skies.
  • Kayaking
    If you don't mind a little physical workout a Kayak will combine this for you with the pristine secluded experience that is the Maldives. Navigate the coral reefs on your own path and soak in the beauty of the island state.
  • Kite-surfing
    A while ago before windsurfing and parasailing split up they produced offspring in form of Kite-surfing. Experience the mighty power of wind while gliding over the crystal clear lagoons of the Maldives. Beginner and advanced courses are available over your resorts sport centre.
  • Water-ski
    As you might have guessed. If a parasail can be towed behind a boat, a pair of ski can too! Or a mono ski for that matter. As with all the other offers you can book beginner or advanced lessons with your resort.
  • Jet-ski
    There are not a lot of "courses" around jet-skis yet you will be provided with a good introduction before being sent on your way. Jet-skiÕs are a quite relaxed way to explore the closer surroundings of your temporay home and allow transportation of up to 3 persons each.
  • Surfing
    Probably the most skill demanding activity among the water sports yet the favourite national past time of the Maldivians. From June to September the Monsoon sends a swell over the reefs, in some areas from 1 to 2.5 metres high. The most well known spots are around the north and south ends of the Male atoll. There are other less popular surf breaks further outwards in the ocean which are frequently visited by so called "surfaries" (surf cruises) organised by tour operators across the Maldives.