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Wellness & Spa's

The Maldives breathtaking scenery, the warm sun on your skin, soft white sand beneath your feet and the ocean surfs gentle rhythm are un almost unrivalled recipe to unwind. Each island with its scenic beaches, lush green vegetation and royal housings offers a rarely found secludedness, much sought after these days.

In this setting, designed to soothe your soul and ease your mind, your body should not come short of rejuvenation. The Maldives offer a rich choice of Spa treatments, often with each resort featuring one or more dedicated facilities. All of which integrate in a wonderful way into the natural surroundings with Spas built out of living vegetation, offshore - on the end of a wooden jetty or even built underwater.

As in many other asian countries, traditional healing methods have been established and passed down the generations as family secrets by healing experts ("Hakeembe"). Many of these descended treatments are today incorporated into the special programs offered by Maldivian Spas such as the traditional Maldivian sand massage to relief muscle and joint pains. Though every spa may have their individual techniques and treatments, the majority of other world-renown wellness therapies are available throughout the Maldives. Examples of the Maldivian wellness and healing culture include traditional extracted coconut oil and various plant leaves known to have soothing effects on minor aches.